I'm sitting here at some odd, way-to-early in the morning time, pushing the rewing button in my mind, attempting to summarize the best, most-useful, cost-effective, promotional product I've used and still use to this day………and more importantly will continue to use in the future.

Outside of the obvious promotional item that rocks the casbah, the Javelin Pen, there are other useful marketing, logo-carrying, personalized, promotional items available.  One that is coming to my mind right now is the 6-in-1 multi tool.  I ordered these as a self-promo (a promotional item we distributors use to promote ourselves) a number of years ago.  I sold them to a couple of companies, one of which was a car dealership who re-ordered a couple of times.

I still have and USE mine to this day!

When evaluating the power of carrying your logo repeatedly into an over populated logo rich world, it's nice to find another promotional item that can work for you and your company for years and years. 

Contact me with questions or to order!!

Scott Rauber

PICS of actual item: