For the past 7 or 8 years a car dealership has purchased a particular thank you gift (decorated with their dealership logo) to send as thank you gifts after a car was purchased.

The gift is a set of 4 Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses.   In my opinion, it’s an excellent thank gift for a number of reasons:

1).  Perceived as a “gift.”. 
There’s nothing like a gift, that is a gift, and not a chincy cheapie promotional item.

2). Non-gender specific. 
Guy, or gal, young or old…..this offends no one.

3). Useful. 
At home or at work, these glasses can hold anything from milk to whiskey.

4). Long-term logo carrier. (Almost sounds like a marketing disease – lol)
 Because these glasses are nice, and non-gender, and useful, they won’t be discarded or thrown away anytime soon.  And, if one breaks, you still have 3 glasses, and if 2 break, well, you get the point.  Your brand image will be around for a looooooooooooong time!

5). No maintenance required. 
No batteries to add or change.

6). Non-allergenic. 
As much as I think food is a perfect corporate/ business/ thank you gift, there are too many food allergies these days, and you don’t know who’s allergic to what.

7). Affordable. 
These custom printed glasses come as a set of 4, and with a minimum purchase of only 18 sets you can look to pay $8.19 per set.  There’s obviously set-up, tax, and shipping charges, but there’s no reason you can’t be in the $10.00 price range for a superb thank you gift.  Prices are lower with higher quantities!

8). Renewal, Sign Up, New Purchase, Move -In, Referral, etc….. 
This set of glasses fits every thank you situation!!


Back to the car dealership. 
Over the years they’ve tried different promotional items to send as Thank You Gifts, but the one they return to over, and over, and over is this Double Old Fashioned Glass Set.

I bought a car from them and they sent me a set of glasses – yeah, me, the guy who sold them.  And yes, I still have, and use them on a weekly basis.

Whether you’re a realtor, car dealership (new/used car purchase), mortgage company (home loan), bank (opening a new account), business-to-business premium at year’s end, or whatever the gift of appreciation calls for………

If you’re looking for the best promotional thank you gift, this might very well be just the ticket!

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Earning your trust in selling!


Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Dealer since 1997