"Getting To Know Scott" 
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As you can see by previous posts, this is what Scott does whenever he gets the chance.   

There's mostly family in these photos (2 grandsons, 4 nephews, 5 great nephews, and 2 great nieces – and that's just a very small part of my family!) along with 2 friends, so with Scott, there were 16 in attendance for the 4th Annual Christmas Eve Day Mission.  Scott's not in the first pic, but he is in the second one.  Someone had to take the pictures, so he and a nephew traded places.  They chopped wood, built a fire, had lunch, and ran the trails.  As Scott said, "And a great time was had by all"!  

Mission 1


Mission 2You can also find a link to the "Getting To Know Scott" posts on the "About Me" page.