Artwork for Promotional Items


This topic reminds me of when I first started selling promotional products back in 1997.  The people who directed me to become an Authorized Dealer for Kaeser & Blair, Inc. told me that most people had artwork.  After about a month in the industry I realized; most people DIDN’T have artwork.  Yeah.

“Can’t they just”……..”Can’t they just”……
Why did I write the above statement twice you ask?  Customers have always said to me, “Can’t they just……can’t they just.”  Implying there’s some illusional, mystical zone where the Microsoft Word doc, including a scanned image from a free graphic images catalog, magically transpires into a crystal clear imprint on a mouse pad (or the item(s) you’ve ordered) and somehow THEY can make that happen.  Here’s the news for you, yes THEY can, but THEY charge. (THEY in this case are referring to the graphics department at the factory where the order is being created).

With that said, let me say this, if you don’t have the proper artwork creation software programs you can not create camera ready art or logos.  What you submit, if it isn’t already crystal clear, won’t be any clearer when it’s printed.   In other words, if you or I can create it with the free software on our computers………it’s not going to be acceptable camera ready art.

Camera ready art is ready to be printed, no alterations needed.   We need graphics people for that job. I have a guy who is a “THEY” and he can create one-color camera ready art for $40.00. 

Earning your trust in selling!
Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc Authorized Dealer since 1997

There’s also a difference between artwork charge and set up charge.  

For clarification purposes – artwork is your logo, name, message, etc., in a file that can be emailed.