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For the past 15 years we’ve been attending the giveaways of all giveaways tradeshows as we specialize in the giveaway / promotional products arena.  So, believe me, when we return from a promotional products tradeshow featuring cool, new, fresh giveaways, we need a conveyer belt to unload the bags into our home. 

With thousands of new giveaways available every year, this list will change but here’s what I’ve discovered of the past couple of years.

Now, don’t think I’m trying to “sell” you these items.  Let your guard down, there’s absolutely no pressure here, just info.


The New/Fresh Tradeshow Giveaways are:

1). Sharpie Gel Highlighter
When we saw these, my wife suggested we buy the website domain name We did. 
People absolutely love these custom printed highlighters. 
I believe they were new in Jan 2012…. Colors available: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink 











2). Bling Koozies
Here again, we bought the website ( ), it’s not live yet, but these custom drink coolies are the rage! 
Decorated with your custom imprint and clear or colored rhinestones -too cool.







3). Tattoo Gel Pens
And, here again, we bought the domain ( ), but it’s in the soon-to-be-made vault.  These tattoo gel pens can be handsomely decorated with your logo and distributed at tradeshow, event, parties, picnics, functions, or whatever.  Definitely a cool promotional item, giveaway!
Sparkly Gel ink matches barrel
Colors available: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Smoke 
* Not recommended for children under 6. * 











4). KeyZee Nail Saving Key Ring








We saw this at the 2012 ASI Show and were very impressed.  Cool, new promotional product that allows you to slip keys on and off your keyring without tearing your nails up (I hate that).


5). Double Wall Tumblers
Well, it’s the new thing in the new thing world.  I’m not a water drinker, but these could hold a lot of bourbon couldn’t they… a fifth.  Ok, back to the custom double wall tumblers.  



Still…………….The “MONEY” tradeshow giveaway
Javalina Pens (previously Javelin Pens).  Still the Mac Daddy for custom printed promotional giveaways!  Since 2006 this has been America’s most-loved imprinted item to distribute! , (both the same pen, the name was changed in 2008, but I kept the domain name).   



Contact me for pricing, info, quantities, etc. 

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