I’m an expert on bags, or should I say carrying bags at a trade show.  I can’t tell you how many promotional bags I’ve lugged up and down the aisles at tradeshows.  Miles of lugging.

That lugging part is the key. 

No matter what kind of tradeshow you attend or exhibit at, bag racks (displaying that particular vendor’s brand image) will be positioned for you to snag one and fill with whatever other tradeshow promotional items you want to apprehend.

Here’s my thoughts on promotional tradeshow giveaway bags:

Cost –
With the new materials (primarily polypropylene) used to manufacture bags, it’s not difficult to find custom printed bags to be given away for under $1.50 each.  Plastic bags are much less expensive.


Durability –
This is key to me.  If you’re giving out bags as part of your marketing efforts, then you’ve got to consider the potential for marketing your brand AFTER the tradeshow is over.  From my own personal experiences, the plastic bags usually get tossed in the gah-bahg! Even though plastic is less expensive, I just don’t see the potential to be reused again, and again, and again, especially when there are so many lightweight, durable, tote bags available.  The new non-woven polypropylene tote bags (see pic below) are ultra-lightweight and insanely durable.  


Size –
The bigger the better.  If you hand out bags that can accompany smaller items in smaller quantities it’s just not going to receive the image time as a bigger bag would.  Look at it this way – your prospect takes a big bag from you at the tradeshow.  They tote it around all day – very nice.  Now, your prospect is back home and planning to head to the beach the next weekend.  They remember your bag and stuff the towels, sun screen, camera, visors, football, volleyball, and more in your tote bag, and they could even load some of the smaller personal items bags they acquired at the trade show into YOUR BIG BAG, all decorated with your message.  Oh, and speaking of message, bigger bags have larger imprint areas! 😉

Listen, if you follow this blog, you know I’m not trying to lead or slant you in one direction or the other.  There are plenty of promotional tote bags I offer that are waaaaaaaaaaay more expensive.  I’m just offering my thoughts on the topic.

Earning your trust in selling!

Scott Rauber
Kaser & Blair, Inc Authorized Dealer since 1997