Custom Promotional Micro Fiber Cloth Review – ROCKS!

As a promotional products salesman this review/report will come as a slanted view, but the truth is what it is.

The other day I decided to use the micro fiber promotional cloth to wipe the screen on my laptop.  My laptop is my office, 18 hours a day, and I take it with me as I go outside to smoke cigars on a daily basis.   With that description you can imagine how dirty my screen gets.  Since the screen wipe wet wipe thing-a-mah-jigs were all dried up, I said “Oh what the heck, let’s give this new fiber cloth promotional product a try at wiping off my laptop screen.”

The results were quite impressive actually and my screen looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!

Then, I had this thought to try the custom printed fiber cloth to wipe off a  carbonitride titanium black blade pocket knife that had some residue on it… know gunky knives can sometimes get. I used only the promotional micro fiber cloth, as I received it from the ASI Trade Show in Jan, no cleaning agent, and was impressed to see most of the gunk was removed. Hmmmmmmm……very nice, I thought.

On a roll, cleaning knives, I wiped down a carbon steel blade knife and was impressed again.  It wasn’t dirt, just had a few finger prints on the blade from opening and closing.

Then onto my one-and-a-half year old cell phone face.  And again – good results.  While the fiber cloth didn’t remove the scratches it cleaned it up the cell phone face nicely.

Impressed with the results, and understanding that these cloths (decorated with whatever logo) can be a marketing tool for any business to reach any customer or client, I proceeded to order 200 for myself.  And if you’d like to experiment for yourself, I’ll send you one of mine!

I have a sneaky feeling that in the next few years, with all of the electronic hand-held gadgets and digital display screens in automobiles, you’ll see these custom printed promotional fiber cloths being THEE promotional item to use!

Cost is very, very, very affordable. Less than $1.00 each (actually $.90 ea.)…..minimum order is 200.

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Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair Authorized Distributor since 1997

P.S. – I just used them for cleaning my reading glasses.  Magna-riffic!