One of the best repeated-impressions-advertising tool in the promotional products arena, are Post-It Notes.  On a daily basis, outside of writing instruments, I don't know of an item that gets more use, and provides more silent name brand recognition.  And from what I've discovered, most people never have enough!

Over the past years I've sold both the custom printed sticky notes and the custom printed 3M Post-It Notes.  I've sold them in cubes, 50 sheets pads, and 25 sheet pads.

After selling the "knock-off" lower priced sticky notes, my customer and I quickly realized they weren't worth the alleged savings.  The corners would curl up when peeled from the pad and stuck on something, completely defeating the purpose.

Since that time, I've recommended the 3M Post-It Notes and not one customer has ever complained, even though in every case they were not the "bargain."

If you are shopping for custom printed promotional sticky or adhesive notes, go with the best.  You and your customers will not be dissappointed.

With regard to keeping your name and message in front of your prospects and clients, I don't know of many other promotional items that will achieve the same results. 

Our prices can be seen, by clicking on the Kaeser & Blair, Inc Best Buys links below:

3 x 4, 25 sheet pads: 
3 x 4, 50 sheet pads:

There are loads of other sizes and colors.  Please contact me with questions or to order!!

Much success in your promotional products marketing!

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Dealer, 14+ years.