Mailable Promotional Products Ideas

Here’s a short list of promotional products that weigh under 1 ounce & will fit into a #10 envelope and can be mailed for the cost of a first class stamp. This list will help with your "touch" marketing efforts.

 1). Jar Openers  –                                                            
Available in a wide array of different shapes. 
Loads of imprint area for your message.





2). Wallet Cards (3 ½ ” x 2 ¼”)–
With an assortment of stock background options:
Pro sports team schedules (you pick which team)
College Sports Team Schedule (you pick the team)
Tip Charts
Amortization chart
Wind-chill index
Or, create your own custom chart.










3). Magnetic Business Cards –  
See article on this site: (I still use these to this day).






4). Pulpboard coasters –
 I utilized custom printed pulpboard coasters a number of years ago.  I was impressed as to how many people used them on a daily basis….keeping my name and number immediately available.





5). 25 sheet pad, 3 x 4 Post-It Notes Pads  –
Probably one of the most useful promotional items in the world.  Everybody uses them.  Nobody has enough.  I use them for my marketing.





6). Press n stick calendars bv7870 –
One year worth of driving your brand logo home! Might be kinda messy when you “unstick” it.  Just my thought.






7). Magna cal –
Simple magnetic calendar with paper sheets for each month.







8). Computer monitor calendar bkwv43 –
Fits right in front of the “F” keys on the keyboard.  Fit this promotional product in with a wallet card.




9). Emory boards B5101 , Political b5141








10). Bumper Stickers –
 They is what they is!







11). Insurance Card Holder B807
Obviously a great promotional marketing item for insurance companies. 









12). Micro Fiber Cloths –
I carry two, in case….well, I don’t know why, but talk about an advertising medium that has a large imprint area, WOW!  An absolute perfect promotional item for use in cleaning:
Monitor screens
Cell phone screen
Ipad screen
Camera Lens
….and more!

Contact me and I’ll send you a micro (opper) fiber cloth!



Earning your trust in selling!

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Dealer since 1997