I love talkin' to my Mom.  I call once a week or so and we ramble…..who knows how we end up on what topic, or how we arrive back at the beginning, but the discussion is always light-hearted and usually encompasses some history.  No, not like history as in high school history class, rather personal family history.  I'm thankful my Mom is willing to help with my memories of yesterday… wink

Well, as I talked to my mom today, somehow she weaved the beginnings of my selling ventures into the discussion, when I was oooooooohhhh, saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…..nine or ten years old.  Yeah, I was a salesman way back then….and I liked it.  My Mom, without prodding, went on to say how I was always honest and wouldn't ever think of ripping anybody off, and how I was always faithful on delivery.  WOW, I thought…..that was nice of my mom to say!  That's how I was waaaaaaaaaaaay back then, and still am today.

However, as a salesman, I know I'm always at a disadvantage because I'm grouped with other sales people who just can't complete a sale without stretching the truth.   That in turn leads all purchasers to group us into one "lying" category. I understand. Heck, you probably think, because I'm a salesman, that this conversation with my mom is all made up in order for you to really believe I'm an honest salesman.  I understand.

Are you wondering how this all ties into my promotional products business?  I bet you can figure it out!!

Here's to enjoying selling, but not the title!
Scott Rauber