Food is, well, vital!  And holiday food gifts summarize the completion of another year. 

Businesses will traditionally acknowledge their clients at the end of the year with some sort of “Thank You” gift, and in many cases the corporate gift is food.

If you weren’t already aware, your logo/message/name can be printed on anything from cookies, to chocolate, to Beechies Gum packets.    

How to increase your brand marketing AFTER the food is gone?


#1 – Be Consistent.
 Sending the same food gift every year isn’t bad, and here’s how this burns your brand into their minds.  Fast forward with me as we look at two people who used to work for L,M,N,O,P Corp. and are retired now.  They’re sitting at the picnic table, sipping on some southern style, sweet tea, listening to the grand kids and the topic comes up about business.  One says to the other, “Do you remember W,X,Y,Z Corp.? They sent us the same delicious pecan turtles every year for 25 years!

BAMMO.  Mission accomplished. 

They will never forget YOU if you are consistent with your annual holiday food gifts. 


#2 – Utilize Custom Printed Containers
One of my favorite supplier of sinfully tasty treats is Maple Ridge Farms. 

Lusciousness is the best way to describe their chocolate….woops, sorry, back to the container. 
They have beautiful wooden caddies, aka pen/pencil holders and

numerous other promotional ways to decorate and present your brand……
Check out the video in the link below:
Other food suppliers offer custom printed tins, glass and more. 



#3 – Christmas in July? 
Talk about making a Good Golly Miss Molly, Sleigh Bells Ring impact!  I’ve heard great things about this
promotional food gift campaign!


#4 – Order early, postpone shipping

Implementing a corporate food gift program in the middle of November adds to the unnecessary stress of the holiday season.  I’m giving you a simple heads up here.  Order now, ship later.  That way in November you’re contacting me to see when your tasty food gifts will be delivered, not frantically trying to choose the chocolate covered almonds, the ham, or the…..ok.  Sorry.   OR, you can have your food gifts  drop-shipped directly to your customers.  😉



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