Absolutely perfect prize for your holiday promotions.

The Giant 8 Ft. or 6 Ft. Toy Filled Christmas Stocking Raffle!


Even though this particular item doesn’t qualify as an “advertising specialty” , promotional item, premium, or tchotchke it is something I offer.

The thrust behind this Giant Toy Filled Christmas Stocking is to generate good will and have some fun.  Simply stand it up in your lobby and let the passersby fill out  the entry form and drop it in the slot.  Designate a time to draw a winner and wah-lah an reason to celebrate the holidays.

The Giant (6 Foot or 8 Foot) Toy filled stocking is great marketing for:
*Car (Auto) Dealerships
*Banks (for those that aren’t afraid to celebrate Christmas, let alone say the word in their numerous branch locations in fear of offending someone).
Community Centers
and more…….

Each promotional toy filled Christmas Stocking features selections from the following list:
Tonka Trucks
Spongebob, Cars, Princess (Marker & stamp art sets)
Batman, Star Wars, Disney Fairies – 23” Sky Diamond Kites
Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes – 3 Ft. Pal Size puzzle
Barbie- 18 oz. pull-top water bottle
Camp Rock – Surprise Ink Game Book & Color Change Marker
Madagascar penguins – Action Figurines
Jonas Brothers – Tin puzzle
Spiderman, Cars, Princess – Velcro Dart Ball Set
Disney’s: Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh – Flute recorder
Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman, Cars – Glider plane
Spongebob, Dora the Explorer – Banditos, bracelets and stickers
Cars, Toy Story, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse – Fingerboards
Giddy Up My First Penguin – Craft Set
Toy Story – Four Pack Splash Balls
Mickey & Friend, Winnie the Pooh – 5 piece study kit

For male or female, this toy filled Christmas Stocking is a great children’s give-away!

Generate publicity and traffic by announcing this free gift in your newspaper ads, radio/television ads, direct mail campaigns, etc.

PLEASE NOTE – exact toys may vary. 

Each toy filled stocking comes with: poster, entry form blanks, raffle box, and Best Ideas Booklet!!



Prices (effective 11/1/13):
6’ Christmas Stocking
(1) $104.34       (3) $96.31       (12 and up) $89.43












8’ Christmas Stocking
(1) $140.84      (3) $130.00       (12 and up) $120.72















To order contact me, Scott Rauber:
Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Dealer since 1997



Merry Christmas!!!!