Draw a crowd and increase in-store traffic this holiday season! 

These are great for fundraising and car dealerships.  Build incentive or offer as a closing gift. 
Generate fun & holiday spirit! 


The Giant 8 Ft. or 6 Ft. Toy Filled
Christmas Stocking!


Offer Good Until 12/31/16)

The thrust behind this Giant Toy Filled Christmas Stocking is to generate goodwill and have some fun!  Simply display in your window or lobby and let the passersby fill out the entry form and drop it in the slot.  Designate a time to draw a winner and wah-lah – a fun way to bring the holiday spirit to your customers and potential customers, and to celebrate the holidays!  Perfect for fundraiser giveaways too!

The Giant (6 Foot or 8 Foot) Toy filled stocking is great marketing for:
*Car (Auto) Dealerships
*Community Centers
and more…….

Each promotional toy filled Christmas Stocking is packed with the hottest licensed toys (featuring selections from the list below), and comes with: poster, entry form blanks, raffle box, and "Best Ideas" Booklet!!

Giant toy filled Christmas Stockings feature selections from the following list, along with other exciting items:

Avengers / Barbie / Star Wars / Princess – Stickers
Smurfs / Turbo / Strawberry Shortcake / Pacman Footballs
Wiffle Ball and Bat
Study Kits – Monster University / Monster High / Star Wars Ep 7
15.5" Smurf Assortment Plush
Original Spuzzle Game – Board Game
Crayola Glow Chalk Set
30 pcs. Stationary Kit – Spiderman / Disney Princess, Minnie / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tower Puzzles – Spiderman / Angry Birds / Minnie / Princess
Disney's Frozen Puzzle – 48 piece
Frozen / Minnie / Avengers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flying Discs
Hot Wheels Classic Cars

(Item selection subject to change.)

Giant 8’ Toy-filled Christmas Stocking – XS1000WJ5
1000 entry forms, 2 color posters

(1) $145.94      (3) $134.71       (12 and up) $125.09


6’ Toy-filled Christmas Stocking – GP72WJ5
500 entry forms, 1 color poster
(1) $108.12       (3) $99.80       (12 and up) $92.67













For male or female (4 – 10 years), this toy filled Christmas Stocking is perfect for children’s giveaways!

Generate publicity and traffic by announcing this free gift in your newspaper ads, radio/television ads, direct mail campaigns, etc.

For more details, and information on a Tripod Stand to simplify hanging Giant Toy Filled Christmas Stockings, go to Holiday Business Gifts / Christmas Stocking.

To order contact Scott Rauber:
Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Distributor, since 1997

Merry Christmas!!!!