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Finding a great promotional opportunity will dictate your ability to reach customers, current or new, with free items that add value to their lives and provide you with invaluable brand impressions. However, sometimes seeking out the right promo opportunities can be difficult. There are three main areas you can focus in on to find the best opportunities.

Find Your Audience

Bottom line, you want to be where your target audience is. Not only that, but you want to add value to their lives with the promotional products that you choose to give away. Finding where your audience is will be the first step in detecting the best promotional opportunities. Next, however, is deciding how you can get the most brand impressions while being invaluable to your customers.

  • Cater your products to the event: The best way to make the most of the new found promotional opportunity is to choose promo items that go along with the event. Baseball game? Give away water bottles, hats, or baseball styled shirts.

Look Outside Your Niche

Though you always want to be available to your customers, you should also be visible to potential customers as well. While there is much to be said for niche marketing and word of mouth, it’s a smart idea to spend some time getting involved with prospective customers yourself. While there are a variety of ways to do this, there is one that will be successful in more ways than one.

  • Partner with another business: The key here is to partner with someone outside your niche. Start with a local business – such as a car dealership. Together, you create a small promotional event or campaign. Because you are both reaching customers outside your niche, there is no competition and you get an assumed endorsement to the other business’ customers – which is a great promotional opportunity.

Perform A SWOT Analysis

What is the best way to find a new promotional opportunity? Discover the areas you’re neglecting and utilize the same tactics that are currently making you successful. To assess where these areas are, consider performing a brief SWOT analysis – which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will allow you to view your marketing efforts from all angles to find places for promotional improvement.

  • Strengths:  Where are your promotional items doing well – and what are they? You’ll want to integrate this into your new plan.
  • Weaknesses: What part of your niche are you missing? Have you reached out to as many versions of your potential customer as possible?
  • Opportunities: Have you been focusing on online promotional giveaways? If so, chances are you’re missing out on tradeshows, local marketing events, and more.
  • Threats: Where are your competitors promoting? You should be there to eliminate them monopolizing that portion of your current or potential customer base.

Seeking out the right opportunities will give you the greatest amount of impressions, which is a determining factor in the success of your promotional giveaway. By seeking new areas of your niche or partnering with businesses outside of it, you’ll be able to make the most of your promotional items and giveaways.

Bio: Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics that range from social media to business management. She is a professional blogger and web content writer for