1980crm~~Upselling it not something I’ve practiced because frankly……. I don’t like that style of selling.  I also thought my clients would be overjoyed with a salesman who wasn’t always trying to increase sales.
I was prompted to write the above, by a recent experience I had. 

For the past 25+ years I’ve been going to the same mechanic.  It’s a “mom & pop” style shop and is now tapping into the 4th generation.  It’s kinda cool.  Anyhow, Howard and his crew have never, ever, ever, ever tried to upsell me an air filter, or doo-job, or whatchamacallit…..never.  I’ve always liked that and it’s allowed me to put my 100% trust in his auto repair abilities and recommendations.  My belief is….if he says I need it, I need it.  And there’s been times I’ve inquired about something pertaining to my car and he’ll tell….ah, heck, you don’t need that….maybe next time you’re in. 

 Then recently, as a matter of convenience, I had my oil changed at a different mechanic shop.  Before I paid the cashier guy was sure to mention the things they thought I would need……of which one was an air filter.  I almost laughed out loud.  It was funny however that they didn’t suggest repairing dashboard gauges that’ve been broken for years…… :-0

I do however understand that the guy behind the counter was simply performing the requests burdened onto him by his superior…..I get it.  I just can’t upsell for the sake of upselling, or because my boss says I have to, and didn’t do it when I was selling alarm systems door to door…..

Listen, I don’t like upselling and I hope that’s one of the reasons you continue to call me for your promotional items.  If you happen to bump into a fellow colleague tell them about my style of selling would you….I’d appreciate the referral and send you a THANK YOU GIFT for doing so. 

Much selling easiness!

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc Authorized Dealer since 1997