Introduced at the first industry tradeshow of the year in January of 2013 the seed was  planted for a NEW and COOL promotional item.  BUZZ was in the air.  Distributors like myself were swarming the factory booth; ordering and grabbing samples, and eweing and ahhhing…it was quite the marketing buzz to say the least.  In all seriousness, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that type of furor before…..Well, since that introduction the Javelin (Javalina) Stylus Pen has disappointedly been on back order repeatedly.  

A number of clients had inquired regarding the Javelin Stylus Pen but I had to shrug my shoulders and say…….BACKORDERED!  One month backorder was pushed to the next, then next.

NOW, the much anticipated new promotional item ( ) ;  that I believe will sweep the nation as the Javelin Pen did ( ), is scheduled to arrive on be available for purchase on June 10th, 2013.

From their overseas journey these stylus pens might be a little seasick, but don’t let that stop you from ordering!!!

Quantities and prices:
250 @ $.64 ea.
500 @ $.62 ea.
1000 @ $. 58 ea.
5000 @ $.49 ea,

Set up is $15.00

Scott Rauber

*P.S. – By the way, as “official” wordage is concerned, this is actually the Javalina Stylus.  Technically, it’s not the Javelin Stylus Pen.  I use the word Javelin because it’s what everybody in the universe calls thus style marketing pen.   The real name of the Javelin Pen was actually changed back in 2008, I believe, to Javalina, even though everything about the pen remained the same…..

So, Javelin or Javalina, this is the going to be the hottest marketing item since the Javelin Pen changed its name to Javalina!!