Javelin Pen knockoff how to tell  (1)Javelin Pen knockoff how to tell  (2)  ~~Over the past 7+ years of selling the smooth-writing Javelin (now called Javalina) Pens (www.thejavelinpen.com ), people have been astoundingly amazed at how smoothly they write for such a “cheap” price.  However, the knockoffs are not only less expensive, but are indeed CHEAP!  BEWARE!

Want to know how to tell the difference (because your customers can feel the difference and you can too!) Simply unscrew the pen and look at the top of the refill.  If you have the “real deal” the tube will display the words:  HUB PEN on it faintly.  If that’s not there, you got the cheapo!

This goes for the Javelin (Javalina) Pen Stylus (www.javelinpenstylus.com ) as well, which have the same refill marking as its originator!
Now, back to the word “cheap.”  The Javelin Pens are, shall we say; very, very cost effective with a silky writing experience for the money (that’s why they are soooooooooooooooo everlastingly popular).  Other Javelin (Javalina) Pen “wannabes” on the other hand, are CHEAP, write inconsistently, disappoint customers and are no deal for any amount of money!