LIKE, it’s all about the LIKE

With all the social media raz-mah-taz, I wondered…..”What’s it really all about?”  Really?  I mean, is it some sort of big world peace group hug or what?  Sure seems like more people are running around trying to gather LIKE’rs instead of business to me.

So, I tilted my head like a confused dog, and scratched and thought to my wee self….maybe there is something to this “LIKE” doo-jobbie ora that is floating around in the wireless world.

I know little about marketing, but I do know this – People do business with people they know, LIKE and trust.  That is bar-none, the honest to goodness, God’s truth….I promise!

Personally, I’ve yet to receive any new business from my LIKE’rs or “Connections” so I don’t know how it works, but keep in mind this one tidbit of trivia…..somewhere a sales attempt is going to have to be executed, or you’ll end up broke with a lot of friends!

I know how “LIKING” plays a part in my physical realm because I sell custom printed advertising specialties. I know for a fact because it worked on me BEFORE I ventured into this industry almost 16 years ago that a spirit of obligation can be planted.  I clearly remember receiving a leather coster embossed with this particular company’s logo and thinking to myself, “Next time I do a quote for “ABC” product I’m going to try this company that just gave me the coaster and pens!  Honest injun!

I also know that promotional advertising specialties create a LIKE because it’s the only type of advertising people thank you for! Ever noticed that?

So, with all that said, let me just say – People will always do business with people they know like and trust!”

And 50% of marketing works, we just don’t know which 50%!