Market With Custom Fiber Cloths


Want to know what’s hot/new in the promotional/marketing/ advertising arena?    Custom printed fiber cloths are the new specialty….the new enchilada!

How do I know?  Not by my super hero like advertising senses, that’s for dang sure.  Rather by a customer who contacted me and asked for pricing, because he’d like to supply them with all the new cars they sell.  Yes sir, seems these GMC/BUCIK cars are now equipped with Ipads or something and wiping the screen on them would be a frequently performed activity.  So, this customer does the wise thing and calls me for prices!!

Now, here’s where the light went off in my cave, as I’m sure it’s already gone off in yours – almost everybody has an Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, Kindle, cell phone, laptop or some other device used as part of their daily lives for communication of some sort….

And ……………..since almost every, young or old, male or female, single or married, has these tools;  then the result is a great marketing/promotional item to reach just about anybody.

In addition, we just got back from the 2013 ASI Show in Orlando this past Sunday and I was fortunate to talk with the son of the owner, Scott, who was over-the-top helpful and informed me that they are willing to use their creative abilities and skills to help create a custom fiber cloth that’ a customer would be proud of!  There will still be a set-up charge, but they’ll lay out, design, and create, using all of their graphically inclined folks at no charge!

On the other hand, one must consider if this advertising/promotional item will be used, or thrown away like so many other promotional tchotchkes.  I’ve considered this.  Since this custom cloth can also be used to clean glasses, camera lenses, and television screens and to remove fingerprints from collectible knives, I don’t see how this promotional logo item won’t reach and more importantly “STAY WITH” your prospects and clients!

May I throw out one more marketing idea…….the company offers a clear vinyl sleeve,  in which these cloths and a custom printed postcard (decorated with your information for all the world to see) and can be mailed for  the price of 2 stamps……..See pic below…



















Or, they place your custom promotional cloth in a business card size vinyl sleeve that weighs less than one ounce…










The list goes on and on as to what can be printed on these fiber cloths… the imprint area is just this side short of a short story!

This could very well be the hottest, newest custom printed advertising available !

Contact me for pricing!

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Dealer since 1997