Never in my 15 years of selling promotional products have I witnessed this!

On January 6th, 2013 we attended our annual industry trade show.  It was mobbed with distributors like us, and suppliers, and loads of new items, as is always the case. 

The Javalina Stylus Pen astounded us at our favorite supplier’s booth.

What have I never witnessed?  Only 3 weeks since that show, this pen/stylus’s are ALREADY on backorder until March 7th 2013. I know first-hand because I placed an order for my own marketing efforts and was just notified they are on back order.

I believe, based on the current backorder status and the proven love for the Javelin/Javalina pen, that these will be on backorder quickly after the shipment arrives in March, creating such a “want” for this product that you could possibly be missing out on the hottest business promoting/marketing item introduced in the last several years.

These could be used as an incentive to purchase, boosting your sales and brand awareness.

Details can be viewed here, on the supplier’s website.

Contact me to order today!