One question I've heard more than any other over the past 14+ years is, "What do you have that's NEW and exciting?" 

Well, the newest promotional product that I'm pretty stoked to announce is the NEW Sharpie Gel Highlighter! 

These new highlighters were introduced to us at the annual ASI Orlando Show this year, which is an industry trade show for promotional products distributors.

The way it writes is almost like a crayon….it's very cool. The highlighter tip, as you can see, is entirely different than the tip on other highlighters.

It's energizing to experience a promotional item this unique, and not a "Chatchky".  This is a standard office/home desk item.  Everybody, male/female has, and uses, highighters.  Everybody.  At work or at home.

And to me, finding a promotional item that is non-gender, new, cool, and fresh…….well…… that's "money", that's the cat's meow!

Take this into the next chamber of commerce, or realtor meeting, or hand this out at the next trade show and watch the repsonse this item delivers.

Partake of the excitement with this new promotional item and order some with your name/message printed on them!  Minimum order is only 200 pieces!  FREE Set Up!

Talk about a cool tradeshow / event giveaway!!


Excitement in Marketing,