Tracking the power and influence of promotional products has never really been tackled.  Why not? Well, unless the custom printed item is embellished with an ACT NOW offer, you really can't track it's business generating potential.

One thing we can feel confident in is RFATS;
Repetition breeds familiarity
Familiarity breeds acceptance,
Acceptance builds trust,
Trust breeds possibility for future sales,
Sales breeds potential reorders.  

And there is no better, more cost-effective vehicle, to carry your name and message on, and into the future for potentially years, than promotional items.  Consider a custom decorated/imprinted highlighter (I just ordered the NEW Gel Highlighters from Sharpie, and they are extremely cool).

I understand, in most cases, a highlighter isn't used every day………..but they are used throughout the year.  Get that?  Throughout the year?  And, throughout the next year……and the next…….and the next. 

Nobody's ever rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreally tracked this type of impression, promotional product, advertising, because you really can't. 

Let's mentally roll play this out:

Bobby Sue needs the importance placed on this particular area on her document.  After the document is complete, she thinks: "Maybe I should highlight this section", and instinctively considers where her yellow highlighter is (Most people, In my opinion, when wanting something highlighted – reach for yellow, not blue or green or pink…..just my 2 cents there).  She knows where it is.  It's in her desk drawer, it's the highlighter she got from the area Title Co. – Willy Joe's Title. Yup, she knows it's there.  Every time she needs a highlighter, that's where it is.  

Now, the unsolved mystery behind this impression advertising, is; does it drive sales?  Does Bobby Sue, call Willy Joe, the next time she needs a title company? Maybe, over the course of the next 5, 6, 7 or so years she uses Willy Joe's highlighter, she finally calls when they are buying a different home. Maybe not.

You see?  One doesn't know.

Now, here's another angle to consider: Is the promotional item (such as the Javelin / Javalina Pen) powerful enough to create an emotional feeling with your company?  Sounds eery, doesn't it?  I know.  But, alas, I know of many, many instances where people are "in love" with their Javelin/Javalina Pen.  Yup, I said L-O-V-E!

Does that type of emotional connection increase the potential for sales, with whosever name is printed on the pen? Could that type of emotional/mental attention give you "dibs" on the next order?  I don't know.

One thing is a GUARANTEED .  Nothing holds your logo/ message/ brand/ image around longer. Nothing. It's kinda like the Energizer Bunny… just keeps on, keepin' on.

And, frankly, in most of the orders I've taken over the past 14+ years, I've noticed, that's what people want most – their name in front of clients or prospects for as little money as possible, and as long as possible!

I believe the true power of  promotional products is to be the silent salesman – continually implanting your message and brand into the mind of the beholder. Now, that's powerful.