Back when I first started selling promotional products the running joke was that I was the only guy in an industry filled with countless different calendar shapes, sizes, styles, etc. who couldn’t sell calendars. 

Even though our Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Best Buys catalog has a section just for specials on imprinted and the corporate website: dis plays the same, selling calendars, for me has not been the most profitable personalized / branded item.

BUT, you’re not reading this to read my story on selling calendars!

Here’s what I think is paranormal almost about calendars – they are placed in the same location, year after year, after year, after year.  Without thought…….unless there’s not a new one to replace the previous year.

Read this – While visiting a client one day she informed me, she hadn’t yet received her new calendar from one of her suppliers.  Then she firmly pointed out the empty 5” x 5" space on her desk where the new calendar should have been by this time!  I thought to myself, “this guy owns 5” x 5” (it was a pop-up/snapback calendar) of prime real estate right smack-dab in front of her eyes every single day, over 300 days a year! Brilliant!



Think about it – it’s the same with you isn’t it?  Uh huh! I know.  Me too! Calendars have a certain reserved space in the same place every year.    



Another paranormal hidden power of the ad specialty calendar is the silent salesman aspect.  Very, very, very quiet……not uttering a word, but making your contact info instantly available without even a thought.  I bet people have memorized telephone numbers displayed on calendars without even thinking about it. 

Spooky huh?   

Advertising is about positioning, right?  Talk about positioning yourself smack dab in front of your customer. 








But wait, are you thinking, I forgot about electronic calendars?  No.  Just look around, you’ll see calendars still mounted on walls, cubicles, desks, cabinets, etc.  Still, in today’s electronic, wireless, satellite communicating world……calendars own the same space of real estate year after year, day after day!


Here’s a little industry/calendar ordering, behind the scenes insight for you:

1). Order by August 31st and there’s usually an “early order discount” in the form of lower pricing.

2). You can postpone shipping in most cases, even though you may be ordering 6 months prior to the New Year, you can ask for your calendars to be shipped as late as November.

3). If after ordering custom printed calendars, you are notified that that item is out of stock, it’s not a line of B.S. to get you to order something else.  When “early orders” are placed, even though the calendars may not be printed at that moment because of postponed shipping dates, the number is subtracted from the amount on hand.  In most cases those scenic images you see are printed in advance every year in certain quantities.  So, if you’re told, shortly after you’ve placed your order, that that model is discontinued it’s because they sold out of the pre-printed images. 

I know advertising calendars don't promote paranormal/magical powers…….I know, but I do find it mysterious that they have designated, "place here only" powers!

For any size, shape, quantity of marketing advertising calendars, just give me a shout!

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair,s Inc Authorized Dealer since 1997