Have you ever stopped to consider what life would be like if we had no knives?

Even a casual glance at the history of man reveals that the invention and perfection of the knife, which is in effect to say all cutting tools, freed man from endless toil, made possible his thousand and one uses of natural resources, and thereby his evolution from savage to contemporary man. Modern industry, which makes the things with which we work and live, uses knives every hour of the day. The individual workman would be helpless without cutting tools. The housewife, without whom the home would have little meaning, uses a knife on the average of 32 times a day. It is not surprising that cutlery, which we take for granted almost without second thought, is indispensable!

The Cutlery Story by Lewis D. Bement 1950


In my opinion, one of the most effective, long lasting, brand building, impression driving into the depths of your mind tools a business can use is custom printed promotional knives!! 

And I'll trump that statement by saying the best promtional knife is the Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife:















I understand the above statments may not coincide with the laws that are being passed today because we can't educate and teach about the purposes of knives, so our fearless leaders make laws to force us to give up our rights…..Anyhow, that's a different soapbox.

Back to advertising and marketing with a SAK (Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox).

First off, I recommend the SAK because it offers so many tools to handle so many tasks.  And because of that, your customers or prospects will find this to be the most useful tool they carry in their pocket or in their pocket book. 

Every day your brand will be thought about.  Each time the scissors are used, your brand will be thought about.  Each time the nail file is used……Each time the knife is used……..Each time the screwdriver is used,……..Each time the toothpick is used…….your brand will be thought about.

And that's  just one day!!

Custom printed knives have the potential of bringing your message to the forefront of the owners mind countless number of times over the nextfive, ten, twenty years or longer.  That's downright mega powerful advertising impressions.  Keep this in mind as well, a custom personalized knife is considered more of a "gift' as opposed to a promotional item. 

Beware, however, one of the imported Swiss Army "style" knives for a dollar and change each ARE considered a cheap, throw-away promotional item and really shouldn't be used to promote your company as they scream C-H-E-A-P!!

Bottom line; knives and cutting instruments are part of every day life………..gain some customer awareness with these vehicles!!

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