Using custom imprinted promotional items to market and promote your online business may be one of the wisest things you’ll ever do.  While others are beating their heads against the computer screen trying to get a grip on the newest SEO techniques you can firmly have your domain name planted in someone’s hand via a custom imprinted pen, or some other useful promotional product.  There are many promotional items that get used everyday, which gives you and your business repeated exposures.  You don’t have to depend on SEO or Google to increase your business!

Personalized Javelin

I mention a pen, in particular, because everyone and their brother uses pens in some aspect, whatever they do.  However, not everyone drinks coffee (referring to a custom imprinted coffee mug).  The bottom line is this.  Put your website at your clients / potential clients fingertips, and you’ll reap the benefits of those repeated exposures.  Of course, it works the same way for any business, online or offline.

Promoting your business with promotional products is marketing that’s not “in your face”, intrusive, or obnoxious like pop-ups, banner ads, and targeted ads are. (Usually, these types of ads show up after an item has been searched for online, and many times it’s too late – the item has already been bought, which really makes the ad annoying.  This happened to me recently!)  Custom imprinted promotional items are actually useful, and many recipients don’t consider it to be advertising.  They see it more like receiving a gift and will most likely thank you for the item you’ve given them.

Do yourself a favor and remember to use promotional items in the offline world to promote everything in your online world, because the majority of online businesses don’t utilize this technique and it may just give you the increase in traffic and sales you’ve been trying to squeeze from any technique possible!!

P.S.  As mentioned in the second paragraph, promotional products marketing works for businesses online or off.  It’s the way to go for all businesses, for the same reasons as stated above.

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