For years I sold custom imprinted cheap coffee mugs.  For years.

One day I was visiting a client, and I witnessed an employee reach into the cabinet in the breakroom and saw the cupboard loaded with cheap custom printed promtional mugs.  I thought……WOW, what a waste…..those poor lonely coffee mugs just sitting on the shelf getting NO ATTENTION!

That's when I quit selling promotional coffee mugs.  I just believe there are better promotional products that can tote your name into the minds of the beholders.

In today's world, what one drinks has become a status symbol.  We drink out of our own status statement mugs.  We drink our water.  We have our own beverage carrying devices that we use day in and day out. 

The bottom line here is; people are habitual and getting them to replace the drink device they use with yours is pretty difficult.  That's a key force in determining whether or not to utilize custom promotional mugs, in my experience.

What do I suggest instead?

People do set their drinks down every so often, and a coaster, whether at home, in the car, or at work, allows you marketing and advertising opportunities. 

I've got a story on coasters…….click here

Anyhow, that's WHY NOT for drinkware. 

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc Authorized Dealer