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Attention Promotional Products Distributors!


Learn How To Make the Internet Spit Out Sales and Leads!
This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Please Note– The following information is NOT suggesting or recommending advertising campaigns with Google AdSense, Bing, Yahoo, or any other Internet search engine for your websites – cookie-cutter or custom.  


Finally, there’s a simple, proven, easy to understand, way to generate sales and leads from the Internet, naturally, without the use of costly advertising, pay-per click campaigns!
Hi! My name is Scott Rauber. I’m a promotional products industry veteran of 15 years as a dealer with Kaeser & Blair, Inc. 


My goal, since day one as a distributor has been to get people to call or e-mail me with orders, because I vehemently hate cold calling, cold prospecting, warm calling, warm visiting, or whatever they call it these days. And, who doesn’t hate cancelled appointments?  

I know that’s a whacked-out way of thinking, ESPECIALLY in an industry like ours that thrives on face-to-face business meetings. Did I mention I also despise high bidding pay-per click programs?  
I have been on a passionate mission for 15 years to conquer the mystery of sales and leads generated from the Internet! I knew there had to be a way and I had to find it.
Well, I did. 


I’ve worked exclusively from my home in Florida, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt for the past 10 years. I reply to e-mails and answer the phone whenever it rings. Since all I need is an Internet connection and a phone, I can do that from anywhere, even while on the road visiting with family and friends. 

If you follow the steps I painstakingly outline in my 29-page e-book: The Art of Generating Leads & Sales Through Niche Search Selling, the same can happen for you.  This revolutionary, but extraordinarily simple, how-to information is jam-packed with images and precise, clear, simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions!


Everything I’ve done, and continue to do, is laid out.

I’ll show you E-X-A-C-T-L-Y how to design a presence on the Internet, so that it WILL spit out leads and sales for YOU; over, and over, and over again!

You’ll learn exactly how to do what I did. Nothing is withheld. No punches pulled. Absolutely no e-mail newsletters to sign up for, to get the “rest” of the information. No Google, Bing, or Yahoo advertising campaigns. Yes sir – you really can generate leads and sales from the Internet without the use of ad campaigns!


You’ll actually experience a sigh of relief. No kidding. 

Initially though, as the niche search selling, hypnotic idea infiltrates your brain, you will be skeptical. Heck, I was when this backwards, means-to-an-end idea popped into my noggin.


But, when the light goes on and you are baptized with the Internet conquering spirit, you’ll be peddle-to-the medal, man the battleships, ALL IN! 

It’s sooooooooo, sooooooooooooo, simple, but so stop-in-your-tracks uncommon. Actually, two other people who have beta-tested my idea had this to say:

Michael Crooks, fellow distributor –
“Scott Rauber, a pioneer in internet niche marketing methodology!
Two weeks ago, I would have said that Scott's concept is ahead of its time. However, based on the positive feedback I received from my Vegas speech, I believe that distributors are ready to be more open-minded about niche marketing.
 In an age where everyone's lunch is at risk of being eaten by someone else, developing a secure meal ticket is worth considering. I believe Scott's e-book can help set the table.”
Robert Harrison, fellow Kaeser & Blair, Inc. distributor said –
The information in Scott Rauber's e- book is gold! It was counter-intuitive at first, but once I read through it all and understood the principle behind it, it all clicked. I implemented Scott’s advice and…it worked!


In short order, I made my first sale from it and it continues to perform well. I am stoked! Scott's "outside the box thinking" will have you re-evaluating your marketing efforts, and seeing results, in no time.

Imagine having clients from Maine to Alaska, as I do. 

Imagine checking your Inbox and finding new orders. Imagine answering the phone, or emails from new customers out of the county, out of the area, out of state, who want to order – all without cold calling and without advertising campaigns.
It’s here……this is it! The whole enchilada, top-to-bottom, A to Z, this is it!
It’s the info that will show you how to generate leads and sales from the Internet without the use of advertising campaigns. 
One simple click of your mouse and you’re on a no brakes, hands flailing, laugh-screaming, down-hill toboggan adventure, that’ll set your new sales-generating spirit free! 
Go ahead, you won’t regret it. 
It’s only $37.00. 
Yeah, only $37.00! Over 60% off the price listed on my NicheSearchSelling.com website!
My wife is gonna shoot me, but you’ll be happy!
Instant download link.
Click right here:
Imagine acquiring new customers without having to cold call / cold visit, spend money on pay-per click campaigns, or any other ad campaigns. Capitalize on new business contacting YOU with orders – buy my e-book, The Art of Generating Leads & Sales Through Niche Search Selling, and I’ll show you my step-by-step, A to Z plan!

 P.S. If you knew what I knew about this new way of marketing, which nobody else seems to know, you’d hold me hostage until I revealed the secrets of The Art of Generating Leads & Sales Through Niche Search Selling. And you’d definitely agree to pay more.

Now, look to the future! Can you see your business requiring only a telephone and an Internet connection to function? I can, because that’s all I need, and soon it’ll be all you need.   Don’t let this slip away………
Then, one day in the future, sitting on the beach, or in a Starbucks (remember, you can work pretty much from anywhere), you’ll look back and laugh……. as you recall the measly $37 you invested in this e-book.