The ONLY Type Of Advertising People LOVE!

Is there advertising that people actually love?

You bet there is!  And you are already very aware of it. The type of advertising I'm referring to is promotional items, also known as advertising specialties.  It's anything a company would put their logo and contact information on, and then
use as promotional giveaways.  They are used by many businesses all over the world to help maintain, and increase the amount of business they do with their customers every day.

Why do people love it?  Because we view promotional items more as a gift from the giver instead of an advertising tool.  Have you ever been handed a logoed scratch pad, coffee mug, pen, coaster, calendar, etc. and then said THANK YOU?  Of course you have.  We all have.

When you accept it, an emotional (almost an obligation to do business with) type of attachment is created in you.  A kind of warm & fuzzy feeling if you will.  They'll remember the gift you gave them for a long time, and in order to show their appreciation to you, almost instinctively, they'll try to do more business with you.  That's the secret behind this type of advertising!!!

And, that's why it's The ONLY type of advertising people love!

The next time you're pondering ways to increase your business, consider using promotional items – it'll work powerfully for you too!!

Scott Rauber




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