"Getting To Know Scott" 
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This pic shows what Scott likes to do, probably more than anything else.  I believe his love of "missions" was mentioned in the previous message.  He takes his grandchildren, and sometimes other kids too, to a wilderness park, and they explore and experience the great outdoors.  He teaches them about respect and awareness of the wilderness, how to chop wood, hiking, how to build forts (like the one in the photo – they think it's cool!), and spot wildlife, etc.  Out of the 9 children in the photo there are 2 grandchildren, 4 great-nephews, 1 great-niece, and 1 nephew and his friend.  The big "kid", of course, is Scott!  With that many kids he had to have some help, so a few of the Dad's went along. 

This was the 2014 Christmas Eve Day "mission".  Scott started a tradition in 2013, so he does this on Christmas Eve Day every year now (the Mom's love it!), and he takes every opportunity during the year to get out there – mostly with his grandsons.

2014 Christmas Eve Mission

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