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The photo below (taken in 2012) is a picture of Scott with 2 of his greatest loves / interests – his grandsons who only live about 10 minutes away.  They think the sun rises and sets on their Poppy!  He takes them on "missions" on a pretty regular basis.  (Missions is another love /interest, which will be featured in another "Getting To Know Scott"). He and his wife enjoy going to the boys soccer, basketball, baseball and football games (both are very athletic), and spending as much time with them as they can.  Corey is 7 years old now, going into 2nd grade (football is his favorite), and Peyton is 5 years old (baseball is his favorite at the moment), just graduated from VPK a few days ago in cap and gown, and is going into Kindergarten.  When it comes to his grandkids – as Scott would say, "I'm all in"!

Scott and grandkids

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