"Getting To Know Scott" 
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Scott had another great mission with his grandsons and their friends on Black Friday this year!  This time he brought some of Corey and Peyton's football friends to the park with them.  As you can see in the photos, Scott taught them how to make hobo meals (ground beef, vegetables, potatoes, and seasonings – cooked and eaten in foil), including cutting up their own vegetables, etc., and cooking in the fire. 

All these kids call Scott – Poppy, and they'll never forget the time spent with him, and what they've learned from "Poppy"!  Hopefully, when they're all grown and have kids of their own, they'll spend time in the same way and teach them some of the same things. Maybe one of them will even pick up the baton someday, and carry on as "Poppy"! 

Black Friday Mission at the Park

Black Friday Mission Food Prep                  Black Friday Mission Cooking Food






Black Friday Mission Hobo Meals















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