Sending Cards for the Holidays – How To Cut in Front of Other Card Senders!

Acknowledging your customers during the holiday season with a Christmas Card or Calendar Card is a common marketing practice, aka  a “touch”, implemented by many businesses.

I’ve been selling Holiday/Christmas cards for years now.  Back when I started a customer told me a story where she received a Thanksgiving Card from one of here suppliers and she remembered them as being the “first holiday card” to arrive every year.

I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I recounted this story to some of my clients who immediately learned how to cut in front, so to speak, of all the other business holiday cards (and there can be a Mac truck full each year) a company receives.

Marketing secret Thanksgiving Cards

Keep this little marketing feather in your quiver for future use!








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Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Dealer since 1997