Moments ago I was introduced to this flying-friendly promotional advertising tool.   The inspiration behind this magnificent creation is it’s a tool that can be carried on your person while flying. Avoid having your knife confiscated by TSA and carry the Jetsetter. 

Even though there is no blade, I’m still impressed.

Because knives are a part of my daily experience I would, when I used to fly, mail my knives ahead of me.  Now, with this Swiss Army pocket tool, there is no need to be without some of the comforts the Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife offers such as the toothpick.  I just can’t be without my Vic pick!

Back to the tool. 

Features include:     
Can opener with
Wire Stripper
Stainless Steel
Lifetime Warranty
Only 2 /14” long
Available in 13 colors




It’s the perfect advertising pocket tool and it’s cool.  Perfect as a promotional gift in exchange for new business, increase in business, sales achievements, and more. 
The Jetsetter promotional product by Victrinox is truly flight friendly!

Prices start @ $20.50 with a minimum order of only 25 pieces. 
Price discounts are available for larger quantities.
Set Up Charge is $70.00  


Contact me to order!

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc. Authorized Dealer since 1997