Back when I first started (1997); for some reason I kept a leather coaster obtained at my previous place of employment!  To this day, I still remember the name (Tapco Underwriters) and  telephone number branded on that promotional leather coaster. Still to this day…..almost 15 years later. Amazing advertising item, huh?

After using that coaster, every day, for 10+ years I finally replaced it with a moisutre wicking coaster. 

The bottom line is; promotional custom printed coasters provide repeated recognition of your message. 

And that's the true story of the promotional little coaster that could!!

It doesn't matter if your clients drink water, coffee, tea, Coke, or what they drink it from, everybody sets their drink down!

Coasters as a custom printed promotional product, are a good idea in my opinion!

There are pulp-board, leather, moisture wicking, and more!

For more info and prices please contact me!

Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc Authorized Dealer

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