The Top 8 Worst Promotional Products

1). Bottled Water –
Your logo, brand printed on a plastic label then stuck to a bottle of water.  Fifteen minutes later there goes your message.  Oh, and did I mention the cost of shipping a few hundred or thousand bottles of water?  Yeah.  #1 of the worst!

2). Balloons –
The advertising is short lived.  Only good things is, you can get 1,000 custom printed balloons on the cheap!

3). Saddle Keytags –
The imprint rubs off after about 2 weeks of use.  And, to top it off, these things are uhhhhhhhhhhgly!

4). 6-Pack Koolers –
Read before you think anything else………….It’s those soft side, zipper around the top, polyester coolers I’m referring to.  Put some ice in them and leave them in your car for a few hours.  You’ll have a nice puddle of water when you return.  I certainly am not referring to coolers made of hard plastic and insulated. 

5). Imprinted (not embroidered) 5-panel caps/hats. 
Dad-gummit them 5 panel cheap hats are ugly, and nobody in their right mind will wear them.  If they do, they oughta be shot.

6). Cheap imported knives. 
When giving these as a gift, nothing screams CHEAP more than these.  I’m not talking about the real Victorinox Swiss Army Knives here.

7). Frisbee –
 I understand you can place a paper plate in a custom printed Frisbee and use on the picnic.  But, what about the next picnic?  Do you save Frisbees and use them as plate holders for the rest of your life –  props to you if you do, because not many use them as Frisbees anymore.  I’m not saying businesses don’t buy them and plaster their logo on them, I’m just saying…….does anybody really use cheap promotional frisbees anymore?


8). Anything, that when the recipient picks it up says, my kids will love this is clearly a waste of your marketing dollars……………………………unless of course the kids are your perfect customers!!

Now, on the other hand, here’s my list of the BEST Promotional Products & Why:

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Scott Rauber
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