It's essential to include viral marketing when creating a
marketing campaign in today's world.

Making it viral offline is a little more challenging.
Maybe not anymore!

Most Internet Marketers marketing attack includes viral marketing, where people pass your images, free e-books, and videos, etc. around the internet. Sustaining word of mouth and viral marketing offline is even more important than the initial challenge of getting the ball rolling.

Attaching your brand to an item that is

  • hot
  • exciting
  • trendy
  • used by most everyone
  • and has the ability to create a WOW affect

is the key to beginning and sustaining an offline viral marketing campaign.

Give your clients and potential clients marketing pens they will love and thank you for, printed with your business name, domain name, and/or other information. If you really like, or love something – like a good movie, great restaurant, etc., you usually share that information with others. Your marketing pens will be shared in the same way. Your name and information will be in continuous circulation when your recipients tell everyone they know how much they love them.

"Aren't all marketing pens pretty much the same", you ask?
Not at all!

Javelin Pens / Javalina Pens - PlatinumJavelin Pens / Javalina Pens are hot, trendy, and exciting and will create that oohhhh and ahhhhhhh affect essential for offline viral marketing, and since everyone uses pens they’re the perfect marketing tool. You will experience more exposures and awareness for you and your brand when your recipients show and demonstrate how cool and super "smoooooth writing" the Javelin Pens / Javalina Pens are to their friends and associates.

The Javelin Pen has been helping businesses, small and large, across the country, obtain those desired affects. Those who are in possession of Javelin Pens / Javalina Pens with "smooth writing" capabilities, and trendy and fashionable design, don't want them to "accidentally" end up with a new owner, so even when these marketing pens carry the branding of another company's information, they are guarded closely.  


Javelin Pens / Javalina Pens - MidnightSome are such proud owners they take them home at the end of the work day to ensure fellow employees do not “accidentally” steal them. As you can imagine, the company who has distributed Javelin Pens / Javalina Pens professionally decorated with their business information, logo, or what have you, is on the receiving end of viral marketing, as new owners show them off to friends and associates.

Word of mouth marketing can be accomplished offline with Javelin Pens / Javalina Pens. It happens every day.'s Stories page:, shows posts from Javelin Pen owners / marketers, and they’ve also been found on internet discussion boards. Remember, not all marketing pens are the same. Why not let others do your offline viral marketing for you? Use Javelin Pens /Javalina Pens for your offline marketing and make it go viral!

Javelin Pens / Javalina Pensgo to for pricing, details, and more style and color variations on these "smoooooth writing" marketing pens.

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