"Advertising that remains to be seen" is the slogan I use on my business card magnets.  It's a cute "advertising phrase", I know, but it is the thrust behind promotional products, because your message, name, & logo remains in front of your customers and potential customers (to be seen over and over again), which serves as a long term mental reminder to the user. 

Now, with that said, I asked myself, what promotional product produces sales or repeat sales?  Is it calendars?  How about pens (writing instruments)?  Maybe it's custom embroidered apparel.  Then, I pondered the business card magnet.  There are other size magnets too. 

Here's the scoop on the promotional magnet.  They don't accidentally land on the refrigerator…or file cabinet….NO SIR!  They are purposefully placed there for future reference. And, in addition to that tidbit of info, they usually aren't removed until the refrigerator/cabinet owner relocates. 

Don't think I'm not aware of the fact that some of you would never decorate your furnishings with such paraphanalia.  There is however, buhzillions of us who utilize this magnetized arena to help us locate information quickly and easily.

The advertising magnet encompasses the ability to position itself as a valuable resource within the mind of the individual who purposefully placed it where it'll never be forgotten.

Those of us who utlize this medium know very well just exactly what magnets are saved on our refrigerators and file cabinets.  Whether we refer to the magnets for personal or business, to order pizza or automobile parts, to remember vacation websites or  limousine services, to hold documents or pictures, the quick accessibility to the info we desire is always in the same location.

I bet some of you are laughing as you think of the pizza magnet that's been on your fridge in the exact same location for as long as you can remember.  (I know the number to the Philly Cheesesteak magnet is in the upper right corner of my fridge).


The Business Side of Promotional Advertising Magnets

The cost is almost nil.  I sell a minimum order of 250 custom printed magnets for $.42 ea.  That's in the ball park of a hundred bucks.  I know……big bucks, huh.  Prices drop down to $.20 for 1000. 

Cost over time?  Oh, it's crazy cheap.  If you order, let's say, ooooooooh…….500 advertising magnets you'll look at an investment of $140.00 (tax and shipping included).  That's $.28 each.  Let's estimate the magnet remains on the fridge/file cabinet for 10 years.  Advertising cost per year equals just a smidge under three cents per year.  Ooooooof,  yeah…….outrageous advertising expense, I know.

I've used promotional magnets for years.  Years!  I know of a handful ot times, maybe 4 or 5, where I asked how the individual who was calling got my number and they replied "from your magnet."  Now, that's the truth….not an exageration…..I coulda said dozens, but that's not been the case with me.  There could have been others who referred to my magnet, but I never asked, I just took their order and said THANK YOU!.  None the less, in the limited "known references" to accessing my info from my magnet, the results have far surpassed the costs.  That's how I KNOW they work.

I know the Philly Cheesesteak joint up the road doesn't know their magnetic business cards are working, but every time I call, I refer to their telephone number on the magnet. 

In addition, magnetic business cards can be mailed with a first class stamp!  😉

That's why in the efforts to promote, market, and advertise your business, you should include custom promotional magnets as a tool.  

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Scott Rauber
Kaeser & Blair, Inc Authorized Dealer since 1997